Christopher Sainsbury
Composer - Songwriter - Guitarist - Educator

Songs, song cycles, choral works.

A selection:

Large choral works:

1987- 88 - Voyage of the Endeavour - a Cantata for voices, flute and piano (or harp - all pedalling indicated), for the Nouveaux Singers and the World Expo in Brisbane 1988. Essentially a mix of Aboriginal and European expressions about the arrival of the Endeavour on Australian shores. Level - good community group or University students. 30 mins.

1989 - Dream Journey - a short Operetta for Children. Scored for singers, various treble and bass instruments. Completed during a Composer Residency at the Lismore Conservatorium Centre 1989. 27mins.

2019 - Mari yanna (Big walk) - a commission from the Chancellery of the ANU, being a graduation piece for unison voices with a chamber ensemble of twelve. 5 mins.  

2022 - The Visitors - opera commissioned by the Victorian Opera Company for the 2023 season. Cond. Richard Mills. Libretto Jane Harrison.

Accompanied singer:

1988 - Two Haiku (on Australian themes) - for mezzo-soprano and flute. Level - university student. 3 mins

1989 - Three Haiku (on Australian themes) - for mezzo-soprano and violin. Level - university student. 6 mins

1990 - The Mayfly (a song-cycle) - A setting of a lecture by Dr David Suzuki, for an 'El Cimarron' type of quartet of low female cabaret singer, flute, guitar and percussion (including marimba and/or vibes). Environmental theme. Level - professional 'new music' ensembles or university groups. 27 mins

1993 - Song of Union - for mezzo-soprano and mixed ensemble. A positivity blast! Short

2011 - Brackish Songs - the concept of 'the local defining the world'. For mezzo-soprano and contemporary guitar. 23 mins

2013 - Lavendar Springs - (for mezzo-soprano and piano). From the Sketches of Provence Series. 3 mins

2013 - Notre dame de lumiere - (for mezzo-soprano and piano). From the Sketches of Provence Series. 3 mins

2020 - Red Kangaroo Standing - a commission from the Griffyn Ensemble Canberra (soprano, flute, violin, mandolin, doublebass). 8 mins

1980 until current time - many folk, rock and jazz songs.

Choir items:

1992 - Sleep My Dears - for choir with piano accompaniment. A menacing lullaby, not to be sung to your children! Level - university choir. 3 mins

2003 - Un Die Musik - for a cappella choir. An arrangement of the Schubert song. Level - community choir. 4 mins

2006 - The Internet Round - for a cappella choir. Level - good community choir or university choir. 4 mins

2016 - The Earth Song - commissioned by (former Senator Bob Brown), an arrangement of his anthem for the earth. 4 mins

2016 - The Sphinx - commissioned by Avondale Conservatorium Choir, for the CD recording 'The Promise'. 3 mins.

2017 - Juljul - for children's choir with guitar. In English and Dharug language. For Turner Trebles Canberra International Music Festival 2017. 3 mins

2019 - Beds Are Burning (arrangement). Performed by Kompactus Choir Canberra for Peter Garrett's Doctorate award. 4 mins.

2020 - If I Were a Semi-tone - commissioned by The Australian Voices (dir. Gordon Hamilton). 4 mins.

2020 - Clock and Bells - commissioned by the Oriana Choir (dir. Dan Walker), co-composed with Darryl Griffen. 5mins