Christopher Sainsbury
Composer - Songwriter - Guitarist - Educator

Chris Sainsbury as guitarist sounds like:

Chris Sainsbury plays a mixture of jazz, folk, surf music, classical and ambient guitar sounds. Recent work includes the Random Earth Band recordings of 2019 (with Chris, Guy Strazz, Steve Marquis, Christina Sainsbury and Rosalie Bourne).

The Random Earth Band at the Music Cellar 2019.

The Random Earth Band: (produced and engineered by Rod McCormack).

VCE Curriculum piece


Also hear Satori (from the Bouddi Band 1994) at:

My 2019 Lake Music installation with photo-media artist Rowan Conroy responds to Lake George (Weereewa) one of the world's oldest lakes, and just up the road! For a regional gallery exhibition in Australia's oldest inland city - Goulburn. This features a number of all acoustic guitar tracks using whacked out techniques (bi-tones, metal thimbles on the right hand, acoustically created vibrato, and more, also bass, add a little reverb and that's it!). Hear at:

Classical stuff:

Chris and Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey (soloist for the Concerto)


*A Compendium of Bi-tone Techniques (whacky, but they do lend some interesting sounds and harmonic concepts). Email Chris.

* Tropical Harmony for Alpine Frets (an almost finished first position chord book for beginners to intermediate players). Lotsa fun! Email Chris.

Guitars played by Chris:

Instruments by:

Lawrence Smith (Australian luthier)
William Falkiner (Australian luthier)
Gerard Gilet (Australian luthier)
Michael Kelly (American)
Lakewood (German)

Check out these other great Australian and international players:

Lucas Michailidis:
Guy Strazz:
Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey (Spain):
Izhar Elias (Netherlands):