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Hear Sounds

Hear Sounds

A selection:

Chamber Strings, orchestral or choir

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1) Lydian Caprice - (for string quintet) 2010 2.2MB

2) Ripple ripple - (for piccolo, violin, guitar, didgeridoo) 2019.

3) Mud Moon string trio (excerpt) 2017 2.1MB

4) The Finer Things - 2015 3MB

5) Scar Tree (movement 5) from Scar Tree dance piece 3.9MB

6) Mango Tango from North Country Sketches - 2001 (for guitar) Ken Murray 1.45Mb

Guitar, guitar with voice, or guitar with others

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7) Guitar Concerto (excerpt) soloist Gallardo del Rey with Darwin Festival Orchestra live 2002 1.9MB

8) Storm (Downloads image with music) 2011 from Brackish Songs (for mezzo-soprano and guitar), from the Brackish Songs photo/music show with CSU photo head Dr Jamie Holcombe, exploring regional images and music.

9) Labyrinth - 2008 (for guitar) Perfomed by Christopher Sainsbury, from the Anima CD 1MB

10) Timber Getters Dance (movement 4) from Scar Tree 3.1MB

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